Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve - Grass Tree Trail

Grass Tree Trail

The Grass Tree Trail starts at the junction of the Waratah Walk and the Mintbush Trail. It winds along near the northern boundary of the reserve till it reaches Fern Gully where it goes down towards Knapsack Creek. It crosses the Fern Gully water course and ends at the eastern end of the reserve. Crossing the creek it leads on to the Heath Walk.

Starting from the eastern end the following plants are labelled:

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Right Eucalyptus eugenioides Thin-leaved Stringybark
Left Pteridium esculentum Bracken Fern
Right Goodenia hederacea Ivy Goodenia
Left Xanthosia pilosa Woolly Xanthosia
Left Xerochrysum subundulatum Alpine Everlasting
Left Stylidium lineare Trigger Plant
Right Melichrus procumbens Jam Tarts

Grass Trees
Xanthorrhoea media, Grass Trees along the trail

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Right Persoonia levis Broad-leaved Geebung
Right Ceratopetalum gummiferum Christmas Bush
Right Banksia serrata Old Man Banksia
Left Tristaniopsis laurina Water Gum
Left Ficus coronata Sandpaper Fig

Fern Gully
Fern Gully. Ficus coronata, the sandpaper fig, is the dark tree on the right of the water course.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Backhousia myrtifolia Grey Myrtle
Left Calochlaena dubia Common Ground Fern

Eastern end of Grass Tree Trail
At the eastern end, the Grass Tree Trail crosses the Fern Gully water course. The path then crosses Knapsack Creek and joins the end of the Heath Walk.