Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve - Heath Walk

Heath Walk

The Heath Walk starts beside the Gazebo at the back of the Information Centre and runs close to the southern boundary of the reserve to the western boundary where it meets, over the creek, the Grass Tree Trail.

Starting from the Gazebo the following plants are labelled:

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Eustrephus latifolius Wombat Berry
Right Homalanthus populifolius Bleeding heart
Right Corymbia eximia Yellow bloodwood
Right Crowea exalata Crowea
Right Prostanthera incana A mint bush
Left Isopogon anemonifolius Drumsticks
Left Crowea exalata Crowea
Right Acacia falciformis Hickory Wattle
Left Crowea exalata Crowea

Crowea exalata
Near the gazebo on this walk there are many Crowea. These flower for much of the year.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Banksia spinulosa Hairpin Banksia
Right Prostanthera denticulata
Right Leionema dentatum
Far Right Bossiaea rhombifolia
Left Actinotus helianthi Flannel Flower
Right Acacia gordonii Gordon's Wattle
Right Callitris muelleri Mueller's Cypress Pine
Right Billardiera scandens Apple Berry
Left Lambertia formosa Mountain Devil
Right Callitris muelleri Mueller's Cypress Pine
Right Darwinia taxifolia
Left Leionema elatius
Left Cymbopogon refractus Barbed wire grass
Right Dianella caerulea Paroo Lily
Right Prosthantera scutellaroides
Right Xanthorrhoea media Grass Tree
Left Prosthantera scutellarioides
Right Echinopogon caespitosus Tufted Hedgehog Grass
Left Allocasuarina torulosa Forest Oak
Left Exocarpos cupressiformis Native Cherry

Exocarpos cupressiformis
Exocarpos cupressiformis - Native Cherry across the track.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Clematis aristata Old Manís Beard
Right Olearia elliptica Sticky Daisy-bush
Left Prostanthera rhombea
Right Eucalyptus sclerophylla Hard-leaved Scribbly Gum
Right Breynia oblongifolia Coffee Bush
Right Acacia pubescens Downy Wattle, Hairy-stemmed Wattle
Right Acacia fimbriata Fringed Wattle
Right Pterostylis acuminata Sharp Greenhood
Right Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood
Right Doodia aspera Prickly Rasp Fern
Right Acacia ulicifolia Prickly Moses

Exocarpos cupressiformis

Junction with Banksia Trail.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name

Left Persoonia pinifolia Pine-leaved Geebung
Left Pittosporum revolutum Yellow Pittosporum
Left Dianella caerulea Paroo Lily
Left Syncarpia glomulifera Turpentine
Left Viola hederacea Ivy-leaved Violet

End of trail
At the eastern end of the reserve the track crosses the creek and joins the Grass Tree Trail.