Waratah Walk

The Waratah Walk starts from Acacia grove near the northern boundary of the reserve. It goes in an easterly direction till it meets the junction of the Grass Tree Trail and the Mintbush Trail.

Starting from Acacia Grove the following plants are labelled:

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Right Pimelea linifolia Slender Rice Flower
Left Persoonia linearis Narrow-leaved Geebung
Left Angophora costata Smooth-barked Apple
Left Morinda jasminoides Sweet Morinda
Right Lomandra obliqua Twisted Mat-rush
Right Philotheca myoporoides Native Daphne
Right Banksia spinulosa var spinulosa Hairpin Banksia
Left Ozothamnus diosmifolius White Dogwood
Right Xanthorrhoea media Grass Tree

Waratah Walk

The Grass Tree can be seen on the right of this photograph.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Boronia anemonifolia Sticky Boronia
Left Telopea speciosissima Waratah
Right Banksia spinulosa Hairpin Banksia
Left Glochidion ferdinandi Cheese Tree
Left Hibbertia diffusa Wedge Guinea Flower

The walk leads into the Grass Tree Trail.