Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve - Crowea Trail

The Crowea Trail

The Crowea Trail, on the northern side of the reserve, starts at the end of Acacia Grove at Founders' Corner. A short distance along the Dry Ridge Trail branches off to the right. The Crowea trail continues along a fairly level and direct track to Hamilton's Corner where it meets the Eriostemon Trail and the Western end of the Dry Ridge Trail.
Starting from Founders' Corner the following plants are labelled:
Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Angophora bakerii Narrow-leaved Apple

Old Founders' Corner Sign
An old sign at Founders' Corner recording the planting of the Angophora bakerii.
Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Dampiera purpurea Purple Dampiera
Left Cymbidium suave Snake Flower

Cymbidium suave
Cymbidium suave.
Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Dodonaea triquetra Hop Bush
Left Prostanthera prunelloides Prunella Mint Bush
Left Corymbia gummifera Red Bloodwood
Left Lomandra multiflora Many Flowered Mat Rush
Right Cryptostylis erecta Tartan Tongue Orchid
Right Corymbia gummifera Red Bloodwood
Right Leptospermum polygalifolium Tantoon

A view along the Crowea Trail
A view along the Crowea Trail.
The Crowea Trail finishes at the junction with the Dry Ridge Trail and the Eriostemon Trail.